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A new study released by Nielsen shows that OOH is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity. The study reveals that the medium delivers four times more online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio and print.

OOH has four times the punch in generating search

Despite accounting for only 7% of advertising spend in the US, OOH generates 26% of the gross search activations initiated by all offline media (TV, Radio, Print and OOH). In fact, OOH indexes at about four times the expected level for online activations considering its relative ad spend.  The Nielsen study  in collaboration with OAAA shows that OOH is the most efficient offline medium for generating online activations for Search, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Source: OOH Online Activation Survey, March 2017

With more time spent out of the home, mobile search is on the up

Mobile search is increasing in importance. 68% of mobile use happens while people are on the go, and it is here that brands use OOH and pick the best moment to make a connection with consumers. People spend more time out of the home and their changing habits show that there is increasing mobile activity and a growing desire for instant information, and instant, reactive interaction. A combination of these factors results in an audience that is primed for OOH communication that triggers online activity.

OOH connects the real and the online worlds

OOH offers brands a link between people in the real world and their activity online. Almost half (46%) of US adults have used an internet search engine to look for more information after seeing advertising on OOH in the past six months. Moreover, nearly 40% have visited a Facebook page, or posted a message on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad.
Source: Nielsen Online Activation Survey, March 2017
The Nielsen study shows that by sharing the same outdoor space with consumers where they are highly engaged with search and social media OOH is a key offline driver to online activity. Marketers who include OOH in the media mix and tightly integrate it into the digital marketing strategies, can benefit greatly from this offline-to-online channel and build a more connected consumer journey.

Many studies show that OOH is excellent at driving Mobile and Online activations:

OOH and Mobile: Made for Each Other Infographic, JCDecaux Blog

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