• Combining OOH with social boosts spontaneous brand recall on social by 125%
  • Combining OOH with social boosts engagement on social by 52%
  • The two-screen future of private and public screens

A new study by Lumen, the eye-tracking experts into the drivers of attention has found that by combining media, brands can boost attention significantly and drive key brand metrics. Unveiled at JCDecaux UK’s Upfronts, the study shows that if primed first by OOH, engagement on social is boosted by 52% while spontaneous brand recall on social is increased by 125%.

The new study looks at the key drivers of attention, building on earlier Lumen work that set out to provide a common currency of attention across different media. The research looks at creative, context and targeting and shows that if all three are flexed, attention soars, and further that attention is linked to memory and action.
Attention helps explain how brands grow and this new study shows that by combining media, brands can boost attention and recall. Our insight shows in this two-screen world, OOH can supercharge the effects of Social Media, increasing brand recall by 125% and engagement by 52%. Mike Follett, Managing Director of Lumen Research
This research shows that the public screen and private screen can work together to give brands ‘the best of both worlds’. The public screen can deliver fame, reach, familiarity, consideration and trust. As we’ve seen today from Lumen’s study, Out-of-Home can also act as a primer to make the private screen more engaging and work harder, significantly increasing consideration and purchase intent and brand awareness. Dallas Wiles, Co-CEO of JCDecaux UK

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