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JCDecaux Lithunia launches Cyclocity Vilnius
In July 2013, the city of Vilnius and JCDecaux Lithuania launched the country’s first self-service bicycle system, joining thelong list of global citieswhich are already providing this service. After a two week-long teaser the system was finally launched on July 15th, officially providing Vilnius citizens with 200 bikes and 24 stations spread across the city. Prior to the event JCDecaux Lithuania had set up a Facebook competition in order to offer 200 people the unique opportunity to ride the bikes on the day of the launch, from Europa Square in the city centre to the 24 stations that were installed across town.
In total 600 people signed up to the competition in an attempt to participate to the launch event, called “400 wheels spinning”. On the day of the launch, the team that had the longest trip to make reached its station in just 28 minutes – a symbolic timing considering that the first 30 minutes of use are free. Within its first week of operation, Cyclocity Vilnius attracted 1,300 long-term subscribers and was used up to 1,000 times a day.
The current system will be completed with 12 more stations and 100 more bikes by April 2014 and the contract will run for 15 years. This launch coincides with other recent implementation of self-service bicycle schemes in Lillestrøm, Norway and Kazan, Russia. Find out more here

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