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When science, nature and creativity come together in the Out-of-Home environment the result can make a real splash! Water projection is a fine art that blends design, engineering and complex projection technology onto a nature's canvas. Discover some of our favourite water projections here!
Water projection is a technique used ever more frequently and in the right situations it can truly make the public step back and admire a brand's creativity. Whether it's to launch a new product, build anticipation, or increase brand awareness, water projections are effective at catching your attention and encouraging online video and social media sharing by the mesmosrised audience.

What is the secret?

For years water has  been used as a projection surface in a variety of situations. Originally, water projections were most often seen as theatrical effects, at special sound and light shows and at movie premieres. Such projects often relied on custom rigs dropping sheets of water to create a waterfall-like-curtain, onto which images were projected. 
However, as technology improved, techniques evolved and the 'sprinkler' shaped screen of mist now provides the most common solution as it offers optimum quality, colour and clarity of image. A 3D illusion is created as the light beams through a voluminous wall of water. Best results are obtained with rear projection using extra intensive lighting, where the light is deflected by the mist of tiny water droplets hanging in the air.
Best clarity is achieved by projecting a contrasting image; this means that the creators must take consideration of video filters and alpha channels when making the best content.

The Winner: Nike Jordan Melo M8 Launch steals the show

To launch their new shoe in October 2011, Nike projected a 3 storey high version of NBA star Carmelo 'Melo' Anthony on the Hudson River. The integrated spashing effects in the the video of Melo dribbling and scoring a point is a fantastic addition, adding to the realistic effect of the star 'literally' walking on water. The additional  3D projection mapping onto the nearby buldings expanded the sight into a fuller experience for the mesmorised audience.



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Whether special builds or Dynamic Content, dedicated teams around the world use the latest technologies to optimise campaigns across all OOH environments.

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