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JCDecaux announces a global partnership with the travel retail experts NPD. The new and exclusive Global Airport Intelligence dashboard offers airport advertisers access to new  dynamic data, providing behavioural understanding of various airport audience segments.
Think back to your last trip through an airport. How did you feel when you arrived at the airport? Excited? Anxious? Eager to shop?
JCDecaux has worked in collaboration with NPD Travel Retail (formerly Counter Intelligence Retail) to develop one of the most comprehensive sources of global airport data, JCDecaux now has exclusive media owner access to this tool. A series of customised dashboards and proprietary tools provide unrivalled data on passenger profiles across 550 airports around the world.  JCDecaux clients will benefit from deeper insights and closer targeting as we unravel the moods and behaviours of global airport audiences.
We will have a wealth of planning data relating to passenger numbers and passenger movements literally at our fingertips, ensuring we deliver the best airport campaigns for our clients. By utilising the intelligence within the system’s forecasting module, our Airport division can execute campaigns of contextually relevant messaging in environments of high dwell time, enhancing the passenger experience whilst providing optimal visibility for advertisers and their brands. Jean-Charles Decaux Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux

The Airport Passenger Intelligence Hub: Before and After

NPD Travel Retail's recent Global Airport Segmentation Study has brought a new dimension to understanding airport passengers with next-level insights into traveller and airport shopper behaviour around the world. The unique strength of this study is smart data modelling, which NPD Travel Retail has used to fuse the study insights to existing passenger data. This has created a dynamic source of data intelligence – the Airport Intelligence Hub, which is updated every month on a global scale.
As the global leader in airport advertising, JCDecaux has collaborated with NPD Travel Retail to develop the Airport Intelligence Hub to deliver these passenger insights not just on a global or national level, but right down to airport terminal level.

An exclusive view of passenger segments

Using the study data NPD Travel Retail has brought passenger data to life by defining a set of six Airport Audiences exclusively for JCDecaux.  These audiences give JCDecaux partners a granular view of airport passengers far beyond passenger numbers. Brands can now understand how to better connect with their key audiences:

6 Airport Audiences

  1. Global C-Suite Executives
  2. Millennial Business Elites
  3. Cool Connected Trendsetters
  4. Innovative Tech Pioneers
  5. Global Jet-setting Shoppers
  6. City-Breakers

6 Traveller Profiles

NPD Travel Retail has also developed a segmentation of six Traveller Profiles, based on travel preferences and personal attitudes. 
  1. Experience Seekers 
  2. Routine Flyers
  3. Conservative Passengers
  4. Enthusiastic Shoppers
  5. Tech Savvy Adventurers
  6. Seasoned Tourists

6 Shopper Profiles:

Drilling down, in addition to traveller profiles, are the Shopper Profiles – which will be of particular interest to travel retail brands. These Shopper segments offer a deep dive into the habits, motivations and category purchasing by airport passengers.
  1. Easily Influenced
  2. Experimenters
  3. Here & Now
  4. I Like What I Know
  5. Quality Seekers
  6. Value Conscious

Through the Airport Passenger Intelligence Hub, we now know in detail the types of travellers that make up an airports profile and what they do whilst at the airport; are they adventurous when they travel, who are they travelling with, what do they like to buy in the airport shops, are they a CEO or a student? The resulting granularity on airport travellers allows brands to target specific and relevant audiences.

Speaking to the right passengers at the right time

This depth of intelligence opens a host of opportunities for brands to understand and speak effectively to their audiences, not least through the dynamic use of the advanced Digital OOH capabilities available at the airport. Messaging can be made more relevant, be tailored to languages, tap into different sensibilities, be displayed at optimum times of the day and appeal to people’s motivations and interests. 
Stay tuned for a series where we explore the different types of Traveller Profiles, look at Airport Shoppers in detail and examine the behaviours of Airport Audiences.   What do Routine Flyers feel about the airport experience?  Which airports have the most Enthusiastic Shoppers and much more.

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