On February 4th 2013,  JCDecaux together with Nissan, Dubai Airports and Mindshare, was awarded the Guinness World Record certificate for installing the world’s largest backlit indoor advertising sign in Dubai International, third-busiest airport worldwide in 2011 in terms of international passengers.
The advertising sign measures 28.1m by 6.2m, with a total surface area of 174m2, and uses 183,034 white LEDs in honeycomb format.It took more than 30 JCDecaux Dicon employees, over 3500 man hours and just 9 months to build and install this incredible advertising site:
  • The use of a light aluminium structure reduces the weight of the display by 60% while simultaneously increasing its surface area by 70%
  • The integration of the latest LED lighting technology helps reduce the electrical consumption of the display by 40% compared with a traditional lightbox.
This oversized JCDecaux advertising sign enables Nissan to fulfil the main objective of its campaign: communicating the brand’s limitless innovation through creative ads that will intrigue, surprise, and deepen the public’s understanding of Nissan’s approach to innovation.