QR codes are creating truly inspirational, unique and interactive campaigns. In Out-of-home, they are becoming a powerful way for advertisers to sell their products on the streets by creating a virtual store. Out-of-Home is revolutionizing the entire purchase experience by displaying advertisers’ products and enabling customers to buy them via their mobile phone.JCDecaux North America & NauticaJCDecaux and Nautica launched a groundbreaking campaign in JFK and La Guardia airports. JCDecaux installed stunning wall wraps in high traffic areas of each airport that acted as virtual storefronts for Nautica, known for its crisp, clean, all-American clothing and home collection. Travelers were able to buy Nautica clothing by tagging QR codes with their phones that would take them online. Passengers who travel through the airport are multi-tasking, tech-savvy customers with a high-dwell time and they are ready to spend. The results were outstanding: Nautica saw 530 orders placed over a 4-week period as a result of this innovative concept.  
JCDecaux Chile & JumboIn Chile, JCDecaux and the supermarket Jumbo conducted a QR code campaign in Santiago metro. Commuters were able to do their shopping by tagging virtual grocery products with their mobile phone. After the customer finished shopping and identified himself online, a supermarket agent called to confirm the order and activate the delivery of the items. A great way to save time and make the most of customers’ commuting.
JCDecaux Australia & WoolworthsIn Australia, JCDecaux and Woolworths ran a similar campaign. By downloading the Woolworths application on an iPhone or Android device, customers could scan a product's barcode, add it to their shopping list and order it online.
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