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Social Buzz Azzaro's latest fragrance campaign in Miami Airport, featuring the American actor Ian Somerhalder, went viral when the actor upon seeing it shared the campaign on Twitter. Fans followed in his footsteps, uploading and sharing photos of the campaign from their smartphones as they passed through the airport.
Sales Growth In addition to the social media impact, the four week long Azzaro Pour Homme campaign that dominated the duty free area on banners and digital screens in the North Terminal, led to a impressive rise in sales. Duty free sales for Azzaro Pour Homme fragrance increased almost 80% after the campaign. There was also a halo effect on the other Azzaro brands, where there were sale increases of up to 147% compared to the same period the year before.
This is a great example of airport advertising establishing brand visibility but also integrating into passengers' personal journeys. Please contact us for further details of this campaign and to find out about other international airport opportunities.        

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