The latest Global Mobile Media Forecast: 2001-2017 reports that there will be significant growth in mobile usage in the areas of shopping, buying music, playing games and more. Consumer spending on mobile is predicted to rise from $161bn (€122bn) in 2012 to $200bn (€151bn) by 2017. At JCDecaux, we believe that Outdoor is strategically placed to deliver messages to key audiences right where they are. Recent research demonstrated that the medium is influential in consumers' purchasing decisions and the latest study by our team in Germany WallDecaux, proved that the mobile audience is effectively reached by Outdoor.
With the growing prominence of mobile in daily life, WallDecaux set out to investigate the relationship between media use and urban mobility in Germany*. Media use was examined in terms of affinity towards either conventional or digital media, while urban mobility was divided into "intentional" and "leisure" types. Results identified the Young, Urban and Mobile (Yummies) as a key target audience who has an affinity towards digital media and who has high 'leisure' mobility ie. making spontaneous trips for pleasure. This group is likely to be those aged between 20-39 years old, out of home every day and who are more likely than the general population to have placed orders via smartphones regularly.
Other characteristics of Yummies:
  1. Active and on the go everyday to get the best out of their time. Distance and weekdays are not a problem
  2. Yummies tend to look at advertising while waiting at bus shelters and stations, they have also interacted with QR codes to participate or obtain vouchers.
  3. Have a net household income of €2,500+, tend to spend more than planned and to make spontaneous purchases
  4. Always up to date, following trends and being trend setters themselves. They seldom miss out on anything, thanks to their digital companion, the smartphone
  5. Yummies love brands and enjoy treating themselves to high-quality products. If they like a brand, they will friend it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter
The Out-of-Home medium offers excellent opportunities to reach out to a desirable target group who is often out and about. Here's a good example of how to capture the attention of Yummies! *Methodology: A nation-wide online survey of 1,519 people aged 18-65 years was conducted between May-June 2012 by Trend Research, Hamburg.