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Marketers are increasingly recognising the potential of extending an outdoor advertising campaign with the usage of social and online media. When implemented correctly, the reach of a campaign can escalate at an extreme rate. Take our famous augmented reality campaign from Lynx as an example where the video alone reached over one million people. Advertisers should not forget that the outdoor environment is an extremely effective broadcasting platform that can be enhanced greatly with clever use of digital, mobile and social media. Sony Ericsson carried out a successful integrated campaign like this in Sweden. They took advantage of the long autumn nights to advertise the low-light performance of their Xperia Ray camera-phone out-of-home and online. The 4 day digital outdoor campaign benefited from great integration with online and social media - receiving approximately 14 million page impressions and a big thumbs up from JCDecaux OneWorld! It's a shining example of how advertisers can utilise several mediums to promote their brands – thrusting a local campaign into the global spotlight.  

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