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Innovative ways to use QR Codes in out-of-home advertising campaigns and public platforms QR codes are not known for their aesthetic beauty, or their cutting edge design. But designers and artists are challenging the simplistic functionality and black and white design of QR codes to create interactive campaigns and images. 1. Panelled Pavilion: Russia This year the Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale is fast becoming the most popular site of its kind thanks to its individual QR code design. Every inch of its surface is clad with QR codes, encouraging visitors to uses their iPads to discover Moscow’s plans for a futuristic science city- Skolkovo.  
Linking the virtual with reality is not new concept when it comes to QR codes. However, this clever architectural installation takes this idea a step further;  the QR codes becoming a metaphor of the future city Skolkovo. As like a QR code, the aim of Russia’s version of ‘Silicon Valley’ is to bring the reality of living and the online act of communicating together in one space.  
Skolkovo will be completed in 2017 and will be home to over 500 science related firms, including nuclear and biomedical research facilities.  2. The virtual store: Australia In June 2011 Homeplus, a Tesco company in South Korea, launched the world’s first virtual store . Following the firms huge success in online sales it has prompted other companies to follow suit.
Tesco, Korea, June 2011
 By using the virtual display, people can scan the relevant QR code on their smart phone and order their shopping online then and there.  This is a new and exciting development in OOH advertising.   Click here to view other examples of virtual stores.  3. 3D-QR:  KoreaEmart and CheilWorldwide recently placed 3D QR code sculptures throughout the city of Seoul, Korea. Between 12pm and 1pm each day the sun would cast the perfect shadow of a QR code that could be scanned by consumers to receive discounts at stores. The aim was to encourage more people to shop during that quiet shopping hour. 
4. Building Muriel: New York, USA The art work stretches the width and height of the building. The mural is made up of hundreds of “extremely precise” QR code panels. Each code links to the art organization website, Syracuse.
5. Disney characters get a new look: Japan Disney has transformed the dull black and white codes into their lovable colourful Disney characters. The QR codes are instantly recognisable and offer the passing consumer a link to a host of information about the theme park.
 Please click here for more unique adaptations of QR codes.     We’ve seen plenty of innovative ways to make the most of QR codes in OOH. But we must remember that being creative is not enough to keep it alive, the content must be relevant. Do innovative advertising ideas and solutions heighten the profile and impact of QR codes for consumers in the OOH market place? Would you as a consumer be more enthusiastic about using QR codes if they were less monotone?

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