Brands are getting more personal. One of the more interesting ways where brands are engaging with consumers in OOH is giving them a challenge.
KitKat Have a Seat, Netherlands
Here are 3 examples where the public has actively chosen to connect with the brand. How did the brands achieve this? By using innovative Out-of-home solutions, which trigger the playful, curious side of the passer-by – something no other medium can do.#DesafioReebok Crossfit, ChileHow many pull-ups can you do? Now, how many pull-ups can you do for a cash prize? Reebok and JCDecaux Chile set up a platform with a horizontal bar and a digital counter in Santiago metro. Commuters taking up the challenge had to hold on for as long as they possibly could. The activity was shared on Instagram, Twitter and Reebok’s Facebook page. This was a fun and memorable way to appeal to Reebok’s core audience …and maybe remind them to renew that gym membership, perhaps get some new gear too… KitKat Have a Seat, Netherlands, Sep 2013Promoting the release of Google’s mobile OS Android KitKat, JCDecaux Netherlands, KitKat (the chocolate bar this time) and JWT Amsterdam created an unusual call to action: to take a seat. Those who were on those seats at just the right moment won a Nexus 7 tablet, delivered to them right there and then. The event rightfully caught the attention of the public; shop owners offered participants coffee to stay warm while others offered them bribes to get off their seats! In the end however, their perseverance was rewarded. Douwe Egberts, Bye Bye Red Eye, South AfricaEver catch one of those terrible flights at silly o’clock? Of course you have. Douwe Egberts and Joe Public really understood the struggling passenger and gave them what they needed most at that moment: a nice hot coffee. All you had to do was yawn and a (free) coffee magically (or rather through a coffee machine with facial recognition) appeared in front of your eyes. Although spending only US $22,000 on hardware development and Twitter seeding costs, the campaign reached 6 million people and served over 210 red-eye travellers at O.R. Tambo International Airport. This experience not only gave the consumer what they wanted when they wanted it, but it was well-placed and memorable.  These are great examples where a brand puts an unusual twist on distributing samples or running a competition. Brands who reach out and actively engage with the consumer, break people’s daily routines and grab their attention in a unique way will leave a lasting impression with the consumer.