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From facial recognition to live video, our favourite campaigns in March, with brands like Lancôme and Heineken used experiential and interactivity to create immersive brand experiences. See how messaging adapted to the OOH environment successfully generated engagement and brand recall.

Reaching active audiences

The Out-of-Home (OOH) audience is found in the active space and in an active mind set; they are open to trying something new and being surprised. When outdoors, people are active and receptive to their environment, both physically and mentally. From sampling to live performance, experiential and interactive OOH campaigns tap into this active mindset and focus on creating relevant, entertaining and memorable experiences to boost engagement and brand recall.

Experiential OOH transports out of the routine

Experiential campaigns give audiences a real chance to connect with a brand through a unique and surprising setting. By transporting the audience and creating a brand experience, brands can prompt engagement and drive brand recall. This is also a great opportunity to give consumers a chance to try the product and generate word-of-mouth and brand trust. A memorable experiential campaign creates buzz and good PR because consumers who have a positive brand interaction are more likely to talk about it and share their experience on social media, further boosting brand fame.

Interactive OOH builds one-on-one brand connections

Interactive OOH advertising offers a unique opportunity for a one-on-one consumer-brand connection. These campaigns are not perceived as invasive which in turn, offers better consumer engagement, active participation and positive brand association.
Successful interactive OOH campaigns drive social media engagement by focusing on customisation and creation. This approach also gives consumers the opportunity to associate themselves with the brand by expressing their personality, preferences, feedback and opinions. Building a rapport with a consumer while they are in this active mindset gives brands an opportunity to develop a positive brand perception and boost brand recall.

Furthermore, by offering customised participation souvenirs, such as photos, consumers are happy to share their information and email addresses with the brand.

About JCDecaux Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is an international division of JCDecaux that brings innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) concepts to on-street reality. Creative Solutions campaigns grab attention and build a dialogue with target audiences.
Whether special builds or Dynamic Content, dedicated teams around the world use the latest technologies to optimise campaigns across all OOH environments.

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