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The impact of personalised ad messages goes a long way. These can show that a brand understands and values its customers, and make them feel special too. As well as being a very effective broadcast medium, Outdoor can also be used by advertisers to get up close and personal with their customers. Digital touch-screen panels have made interactive one-to-one encounters with customers much easier than before. Here are some examples where a few advertisers managed to get so close, they got on a first-name basis with their audiences! 1. Microsoft , UK Microsoft launched the UK’s biggest interactive digital Outdoor campaign to promote their Windows Phone 8. To demonstrate that a Windows Phone is unique and easily customisable, people are encouraged to personalise the Windows Start screen using interactive panels in JCDecaux malls. Participants provided their first names and had their photos taken to create their very own Start screen. These screens then formed the creative for Microsoft’s wider broadcast campaign on 450 digital OOH panels nationwide, achieving a media first and creating a truly personalised campaign.
  2. Coca-Cola, Lithuania Coca-Cola came to the streets of Lithuania to Share-a-Coke with everyone via JCDecaux’s bus shelter and free-standing panels. Passers-by were invited to key in their name or someone else's name with whom they would like to share a Coca-Cola.
  3. Mini, UK Mini drivers had a pleasant surprise when they drove past JCDecaux's Cromwell Road Digital Gateway in September. They were greeted by a personalised message, addressing them by the colour or model of their car. Whist some drivers had their photos taken and posted immediately on the next digital screen, others were invited to pull into the nearest garage to pick up a special treat. A truly "not normal" campaign!   4. Outdoor is #EverywhereUR, USA The OAAA (Outdoor Advertiser Association of America) and the Outdoor industry in USA jointly celebrated OOH 's ubiquity by inviting the American public to tweet a photo of themselves using the hashtag #EverywhereUR. Participants had the chance to have their photos featured on a billboard in the world famous Times Square. This campaign is not only personal; it also highlighted the seamless connection between OOH advertising and social media.

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