The city is a busy place, with never-ending landscapes of tall buildings and where people are caught in the flow of their professional and personal activities. Every now and again, advertisers like to bring a sense of peace and a touch of nature back to these busy urban environments…NIVEA gives a Pure and Natural feel to commuters in IstanbulIn order to promote its new range of “Pure and Natural” creams made from 95% natural products, Nivea decorated bus shelters around Istanbul with colourful plants and flowers giving the urban environment a gentler, tropical feel, which commuters found most appealing.
City of Sydney grows herbs in 2mfurniture
To promote their campaign about growing vegetables locally, the City of Sydney and JCDecaux Australia grew, different herbs in their 2m2 furniture over  a three week period. Herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano and chilies were grown  in various locations. Specific props  were chosen for locations that were relevant to the environment. All herbs survived and managed to grow over the 3 week campaign.
 Coca-Cola grows trees in columns around IstanbulCoca-Cola advertised its brand Cappy Selectii, a soft drink made from more than 99 percent natural juice and no added sugar, by dressing transparent columns around Istanbul with tropical fruit trees on the outside and placing a giant bottle of the juice on the inside. This made the bottle look like it was bursting with fresh fruit.
 Singapore Changi offers a minute of poetry with its butterfly garden The Airport’s unique garden is the home to over one thousand butterflies. Visitors are invited to find out about the life cycle of the  butterfly and can even watch  the birth and first flights of a butterfly in special  educational corners and individual enclosures provided by the Airport.
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