As the leader in airport advertising worldwide, JCDecaux benefits from a unique positioning to assess the impact of brand advertising on high value audiences who are in great demand. Against an uncertain background, the Group partnered up with m1nd-set to survey 2,500 international travellers, including premium airport passengers. The survey found that perceptions are positive and encouraging for the airport industry.

JCDecaux operates in all major international hubs: Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, Singapore and Shanghai, reaching an annual audience of more than 2.2 billion passengers around the globe, i.e. 26% of the traffic. A global study conducted in June 2020 identified a strong desire to travel again. 79% of respondents stated they are willing to fly internationally in the next six months.

84% of respondents indicated that they will visit duty-free boutiques on future trips:

One of the key survey takeaways was that airport advertising continues to drive positive perceptions. Moreover, most travellers take action after exposure to airport advertising, which confirms “drive-to-store” action.

Despite the slow restart in air traffic across the globe, audiences’ opinions of airports and airport advertising remain unchanged, i.e. still positive. It looks like it is business as usual. In light of the current market environment, JCDecaux will leverage its teams’ expertise in an effort to develop tailored offers, products and services. The Group will continue to actively support advertisers and their brands.

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