BlueSkyFall, part of BlueFocus Communications Group - one of the largest communications companies in China, has recently launched a major project together with JCDecaux OneWorld Shanghai, led by Stephanie Foulon. Due to run over several years, the project aims to promote China across three key airport hubs around the world:  Paris Charles de Gaulle, London Heathrow and Frankfurt Airport. The initiative is part of a larger venture known as “China Big Screens” that also includes outdoor advertising screens in San Francisco Airport and New York City Times Square. Each airport location consists of a large digital screen, custom-built for BlueSkyFall. In addition, every site is turned into a dedicated domination area with the use of static displays to complement the digital screen. These “Windows to China” will display either monthly or bi-monthly campaigns and will carry up to ten different advertisements that promote Chinese cities, culture and tourist spots such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, National Tourism Bureau and Prince Gong Mansion. Xavier Dupre, Sales MD JCDecaux OneWorld commented: "We are very pleased with this international collaboration with BlueSkyFall and we support the increasingly important Chinese Tourism and development industry. The recently created OneWorld Asia office in Shanghai, led by Stephanie Foulon has been key in creating strong relationships and ensuring fast response to these important customers". The “Windows to China” are aimed at all international travelers, not just those already travelling to China.  This collaboration to install custom-built screens is a first-of-its-kind international activity, bringing China directly to its key global audience.  
BlueSkyFall, London Heathrow, JCDecaux OneWorld
BlueSkyFall, Frankfurt Airport, JCDecaux OneWorld
BlueSkyFall, Paris Charles de Gaulle, JCDecaux OneWorld