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Our favourite picks of Creative Campaigns in September from around the world saw models, BBQs and Music.
Our favourite Creative Solutions Campaigns of September saw brands be playful with their audience, piquing their interest by appealing to their fun-loving side, and delivering the brand message in an entertaining and relatable way.

KIABI, JCDecaux France: A Model Showcase

Advertiser: KIABI
Location: Toulouse, Marseille, Metz, France

Duration: 4 days, 14/09/2016 – 17/09/2016
Format: Street Furniture
Creative Solution: showcase, special build, experiential

KIABI model showcase bus shelters, JCDecaux France, September 2016

For the release of the Autumn/Winter collection, the French retail brand KIABI took showcasing to a whole new level. Working with JCDecaux France, KIABI transformed three bus shelters on the busiest shopping streets in Toulouse, Marseille and Metz into dressing rooms. The branded bus shelters featured a screen and a mysterious curtain. When the curtain pulled back, commuters and passers-by did not see a mannequin or hanging clothes, but real-life people wearing KIABI’s latest collection. The models joked and interacted with passers-by and asked them to “like” their outfits by pressing the button on the front of the bus shelter.

The simple and playful concept together with strategic campaign placement, ensured high visibility, engagement and campaign recall. Many delighted shoppers shared photos on their social media accounts. The human touch and the opportunity to see the garments in real life made the campaign both entertaining and helpful for KIABI’s target audience.

Disclaimer: no models were harmed during this campaign!

PCFA, JCDecaux Australia: Barbecuing for a Good Cause

Advertiser: PCFA/The Big Aussie Barbie
Location: Sydney, Australia
Duration: 2 weeks, 30/08/2016 – 13/09/2016
Format: Street Furniture
Creative Solution: contactless payment, special build, responsive scent activation

PCFA the Big Aussi Barbie, contactless payment and BBQ scent panel, JCDecaux Australia, September 2016

Whaley, JCDecaux China: Creating Music in the Metro

Advertiser: Whaley
Location: East Nanjing Road Metro Station, Shanghai, China
Duration: 5 weeks, 15/09/2016 – 20/10/2016
Format: Transport
Creative Solution: electrostatic sensors, special lighting, responsive sound activation, QR, vinyl wrap

Whaley interactive music wall, Shanghai Metro, JCDecaux China, September 2016

Whaley, the official sponsor of the reality talent show Sing! China, worked with STDecaux to promote their Youth Music Program. A custom-built seven-metre panel featured bright music-themed illustrations. Palm-shaped CTA’s invited passers-by to touch the panel. When they did so, the illustrations came to life and music was heard. Additional QR codes invited commuters to find out more about the program via mobile.

The secret of the campaign was electrostatic sensors on the reverse side of the panel, activated by touch. Once activated, the overhead projectors began to play the animations and integrated speakers played the music.

This eye-catching campaign was memorable thanks to the stand-out design and interactive play features. Making the most of the high footfall area within the metro station, Whaley succeeded in boosting the popularity of its Youth Music Program with this relevant and engaging creative.

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From special builds to harnessing the latest technologies such as virtual reality and dynamic content, Creative Solutions optimises campaigns across all Out-of-Home environments, including Roadside, Transport, Airport, and Retail.

With dedicated teams around the world, Creative Solutions creates unique opportunities for brands to grab attention, build a dialogue with their audiences and add excitement to the daily life of city dwellers.

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