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The Best Creative Solutions campaigns of July were experiential. Advertisers made the most of their audiences being outdoors in the summer and picked the right moments to engage and entertain them.

Winner: Ghostbusters, UK

Advertiser: Ghostbusters, Sony Pictures
Location: London Waterloo station, United Kingdom
Duration: 2 weeks, 11/07/2016 - 24/07/2016
Format: Transport
Creative Solution: experiential, full domination, special build, vinyl wraps, ambient sound and immersion zone, digital, Dynamic content, social media integration

To promote the release of the latest Ghostbusters film, JCDecaux and Sony Pictures teamed up to transform London’s Waterloo station into a scene from one of the Ghostbusters’ raids.
In addition to the stickers, wraps and banners all over the station, the unmissable giant special build Stay Puft Marshmallow Man crashing through the concourse floor and the slime-covered CCTV cameras made commuters feel like they were in a scene from the film.
People were encouraged to take and share photos on social media with the hashtag#GhostbustersWaterloo. People could use a specially designed Snapchat filter geo-localised for Waterloo only, and JCDecaux Dynamic’s SmartContent (the in-house CMS) allowed Sony Pictures to feature a pick of the best Instagram and Twitter shares live on the giant Motion@Waterloo screen.
Additionally, commuters could stop by the special-build pop-up kiosk, made to look like a Manhattan subway station, and buy tickets for the film. A range of merchandise included Ghostbusters business cards featuring a functional phone number that you could call in the case of a ghost emergency and hear a surprise message.
Meanwhile, in the passageways, commuters were fully immersed into a scene from New York, but with a ghostly twist. The walls were covered in full vinyl wraps, digital screens showed scenes of New York and unique sounds of the city could be heard thanks to ambient sound integration.
In anticipation of the release, the film was promoted nationwide through custom campaign executions across all Out-of-Home environments. Digital screens were taken over with special Ghostbusters news linked with Dynamic weather feeds to create contextual content; BeFrameUs content featuring fake magazine covers was displayed on digital screens depicting the film’s characters. Finally, special build StreetTalk kiosks had 3D Ghostbusters logos installed on the roof with a prominent “Who you gonna call?” call-to-action message and a functional Ghostbusters hotline number.
The campaign was a great success, with the Waterloo takeover being the pinnacle of the event. London’s commuters were immersed into the world of Ghostbusters and were encouraged to participate in various interactive features of the campaign. Thousands of photos were taken and shared with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and word of mouth spread, resulting in over 7,000 social shares in the first two days alone. People of all ages had fun experiencing Ghostbusters first-hand and the on-site pop-up store made it easy for them to buy tickets right there and then.

Argentina Tourism, Chile

Advertiser: Argentina Tourism
Location: Baquedano Station, Santiago, Chile
Duration: 1 day, 29/07/2016
Format: Transport
Creative Solution: experiential, domination, vinyl wraps, digital

To showcase and celebrate Argentinian history and culture, Argentina Tourism took over one of Santiago’s main metro stations. Experiential elements included music, professional Argentinian tango dancers, and reps sharing information and answering questions about Argentina. Additional full vinyl wraps throughout the station created an immersive experience.
Despite it only being a one-day event, the campaign broke up the daily routine for commuters and left a lasting impression by giving them a free, first-hand Argentinian experience.

PepsiCo, Crackets, Mexico

Advertiser: Crackets, Pepsico
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Duration: 2 weeks, 12/07/2016 - 25/07/2016
Format: Street Furniture
Creative Solution: special build, sampling

JCDecaux Mexico and PepsiCo’s Crackets realised a simple yet fun and relatable campaign. The buses in Monterrey are notoriously full so Crackets decided to offer commuters a comfortable seat to rest on, at least while they waited for their bus. The funny message read “If you’re expecting to have a seat on the bus, then you better take this one with you”. Each stop featured a special build branded seat with branded Crackets magnets, which people took home to remember this funny brand experience.

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