Every month JCDecaux employees vote for their favourite Innovate campaign via our internal social media platform, Bee. For November 2014, Amazon in China was voted the Winner for their innovative use of showcasing and QR codes in Shanghai metro.The campaignAdvertiser: Amazon Campaign technology: Showcase, QR code Location: Shanghai, China Amazon highlighted all the benefits of the latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader in Shanghai metro while promoting its vast collection of products available on Amazon at the same time. A giant 25m long row of book shelves was filled with over 2,000 best-selling books, which are all available on Amazon’s website. 3 lightboxes were mounted onto the book shelves with the message “If you're struggling to choose amongst a wide array of books, you can always turn to Kindle Paperwhite that lets you to take every book home”. In addition, by scanning the QR code on the lightboxes, commuters were entered into a competition for a chance to win a free Kindle Paperwhite. This was a great multi-channel initiative to not only highlight the key benefits of Amazon Kindle but also to catch the attention of commuters with a stand-out display, encouraging them to browse through the variety of Amazon’s other products online. Discover JCDecaux InnovateJCDecaux Innovate creates bespoke outdoor solutions from concept to on-street reality. Our teams worldwide are dedicated to pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of Out-of-Home advertising by delivering outstanding and truly memorable campaigns. Last year, we have implemented over 1,600 Innovate campaigns in over 45 countries worldwide. By using JCDecaux Innovate, clients are able to optimise the impact of their Outdoor campaigns and to maximise the engagement with their target audience. Wish to find out more? Get in touch with our JCDecaux Innovate team to find our more information and discover the possibilities!