The mid-year advertising expenditure forecasts from ZenithOptimedia and Magna Global indicate a slight dip in 2015 global adspend from 2014, with an improvement expected in 2016.
Source: ZenithOptimedia, June 2015 and Magna Global, June 2015

ZenithOptimedia predicts adspend from 2015 to 2016 to grow between the 4%-5% level, at a slightly lower rate than global GDP levels (6%-7%). Magna Global’s forecast for global adspend is on par with ZenithOptimedia’s, staying around the 5% level.

There will be a dip in 2015 adspend due to the absence of key event drivers in 2014 such as the World Cup, Winter Olympics and US mid-term elections. Magna Global believes that by neutralising this recurring effect, adspend growth for 2015 is similar to that of last year’s. Both forecasters expect global advertising spend to increase again in 2016 when the Summer Olympics, UEFA football championships and US presidential elections will take place.

 Key Points to Take Away

  • Both forecasters predict a slight dip in 2015 global advertising spend from 2014. However the Summer Olympics and US Presidential Elections in 2016 are believed to boost global adspend next year
  • Global Outdoor will grow this year but at a lower rate, in line with the global All-Media slowdown. In the UK, digital Outdoor revenue took up almost 30% share of all Outdoor revenue in the country in 2014 (Source: UK Outdoor Media Centre)
  • Since 2014, China has overtaken Japan to be the 2nd biggest advertising market globally. The top 3 ad markets in 2017 are predicted to be USA, China and Japan. The UK is predicted to surpass Germany to take 4th place while South Korea will overtake France to take 7th place in 2017.
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