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SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Listening to our stakeholders.

We support our stakeholders by providing innovative solutions that incorporate sustainable development. This allows us to better serve the needs of our stakeholders, particularly our clients and users, in every country where we do business. Our strategy is to strengthen relationships with our suppliers and to engage our employees on the topic of sustainable development.

OUR ACTIONS. Serving each stakeholder.

Advertisers, employees, government authorities, investors – not all stakeholders have the same expectations. Our aim is to maintain a constant, effective, and constructive dialogue.

OUR ACTIONS. A few figures in 2016.

  • +9 000 employees trained on Sustainable Development in 2018

  • +31 000 self-service bikes, across 57 cities and 13 countries around the world

  • 2.5 billion views for the road safety awareness raising campaign of the FIA with whom we partnered to provide visibility in 900 cities & 77 countries where the Group operates