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JCDecaux S.A. (Euronext Paris: DEC), the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide, announced that its Luxembourg subsidiary successfully rolled out 600 new vel’OH! electric self-service bikes in Luxembourg City on the night of 29 to 30 November 2018. Working closely with the teams of Luxembourg, JCDecaux demonstrated its operational and logistical excellence by collecting the old stock of vel’OH! self-service bikes and replacing them with new ones in under six hours.

A successful first phase roll-out

In December 2017, Luxembourg City signed a new contract with JCDecaux for the deployment of a new vel’OH! service that includes new districts and electric bikes, involving the gradual roll-out of 900 electric bikes and 97 docking stations.

During the night of 29 to 30 November 2018, JCDecaux's teams carried out the first phase of the roll-out for the new vel’OH! bikes. From this morning, the 8,000 existing vel’OH! subscribers along with the citizens of Luxembourg City and neighbouring cities, and cross-border workers who come to Luxembourg, have 600 new bikes at their disposal at 60 docking stations which were upgraded last week without the need for any additional electrification work. The next steps will entail:
  • The roll-out of the remaining 300 bikes between now and mid-December 2018, which will bring the total stock of bikes to 900 (compared with 700 in the first contract).
  • The modernisation and installation of the 37 other docking stations, for the most part between now and 15 December 2018, to provide a total of 97 docking stations compared with 77 previously.

When the entire stock of bikes has been deployed, Luxembourg City will be one of the very first capital city in the world to benefit from a service with 100% self-service electric bikes.
In line with its sustainable development strategy and according to the circular economy principles, JCDecaux will give all 700 first generation vel’OH! bikes a second life. 100% of all the equipment recovered will be used for spare parts for other self-service bike rental markets or will be recycled by specialised services.

Reinventing the bike and the user experience

The second generation of vel’OH! bikes is completely new – contour, components, functionalities – and designed by JCDecaux's teams with Franco-Argentinian designer Marcelo Joulia. The main new feature is the on-board battery system, giving each user much greater freedom. Particularly adapted for Luxembourg City's steep landscape, these electric bikes can go up to 25km/h, allowing users to travel much longer distances and more easily reach docking stations located at higher areas in the city. Financed through subscriptions and by Luxembourg City, the price will still be very affordable at €18 per year, versus €15 previously.

In addition to the fitted battery which can be recharged at docking stations, JCDecaux has completely reinvented the user experience with the new “vel’OH! officiel” app from which users can, unlock their bike via their smartphone without having to use the bike terminal, find out the number of available spaces at docking stations, find out the number of bikes available, note down the bike borrowed, and more. Once the users have created their account, they receive a notification that the bike has been correctly returned (sound and visual signals on the bike and at the bike terminal) at the end of each journey, and of the duration and amount charged.Key numbers for vel’OH!
  • 8,000 long-term subscribers
  • 900 new self-service electric bikes (600 from 30 November 2018, 300 to be added between now and 15 December 2018)
  • 97 docking stations (60 from 30 November 2018)
  • 400 additional bike terminals
Lydie Polfer, Mayor of Luxembourg City, said: “For the college of mayors and aldermen, the launch of the upgraded vel’OH! system represents an important step in the implementation of the concept of mobility in the city of Luxembourg, and the promotion of eco-friendly mobility. Luxembourg City is one of the first European capitals to offer a fleet entirely comprised of electric bikes. Thanks to this major innovation, we have been able to extend the vel’OH! network into the more hilly districts of Luxembourg City and considerably increase comfort for its users. We firmly believe that given its user friendliness, state-of-the-art functionalities and modern design the new vel’OH! will be a big success with the public.

Jean-Sébastien Decaux, CEO Southern Europe, Belgium and Luxembourg, and CEO Africa and Israel of JCDecaux, said: “We are proud to be supporting the city of Luxembourg with its ambitious policy on eco-mobility that, within a few weeks, will see it benefit from the very first all-electric, self-service bikes deployed by JCDecaux. This new generation vel’OH! electric bike system will give Luxembourg City, an attractive business and tourist destination, an innovative service that will symbolise its forward-thinking, international reputation. From this morning, in addition to the comfort of cycling on an electric bike, vel’OH! users are discovering the fluidity of service offered by the new, more intuitive “vel’OH! officiel” app. I would like to thank all of the teams that have been working for several months to ensure the success of this innovative project.”

Key figures

  • 2017 revenue: €3,493m*, H1 2018 revenue: €1,643m
  • JCDecaux is listed on the Eurolist of Euronext Paris and is part of the Euronext 100 and Euronext Family Business indexes
  • JCDecaux is part of the FTSE4Good index
  • N°1 worldwide in street furniture (543,050 advertising panels)
  • N°1 worldwide in transport advertising with more than 215 airports and 250 contracts in metros, buses, trains and tramways (356,320 advertising panels)
  • N°1 in Europe for billboards (141,630 advertising panels)
  • N°1 in outdoor advertising in Europe (672,220 advertising panels)
  • N°1 in outdoor advertising in Asia-Pacific (216,290 advertising panels)
  • N°1 in outdoor advertising in Latin America (77,190 advertising panels)
  • N°1 in outdoor advertising in Africa (26,770 advertising panels)
  • N°1 in outdoor advertising in the Middle-East (18,650 advertising panels)
  • Leader in self-service bike rental scheme: pioneer in eco-friendly mobility
  • 1,074,113 advertising panels in more than 80 countries
  • Present in 4,033 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants
  • 13,040 employees

* Restated from the retrospective application of IFRS 15, applicable from January 1st, 2018


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