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More than a century after Louis Cartier himself opened its doors in 1899, the iconic building at 13 Rue de la Paix is turning a new page in its history. Located at the heart of Paris’ high-end jewellery district, the Hôtel particulier that is home to the Maison’s oldest boutique has embarked upon a large-scale renovation project. With its ambition to turn the building site into an opportunity to present itself both its clients and the many bystanders on Rue de la Paix in a different way, Cartier briefed JCDecaux to come up with a striking design that would evoke an emotional response.  

For almost a year, no fewer than 100 people on-site and in workshops imagined and developed an advertising palisade made of black-painted wooden frames, as well as a 25-metre high walking space and three animated and lit-up window displays.

The JCDecaux team, who specialise in event displays, worked closely with an array of professionals and experts including architects, artists, designers, engineers, mountaineers, model makers, sculptors, skilled metalworkers, painters and electricians, who all played a key role in this initiative.
As a brand with a deep affinity for its history, Cartier instructed JCDecaux to faithfully rework the façade’s details into its displays. Following JCDecaux’s proposal, the Maison chose a style that is sublimely beautiful, including a golden trellised monument panel which uses the original Cartier monogram and is a direct nod to the House’s Moucharaby motif. The display also features an immersive covered passageway that immerses the public in the magical panther brand identity.
  The finished display also represents a technical masterpiece. In under 10 days, JCDecaux and its subcontractors designed and installed:
  • A 500m² backdrop in the covered passageway;
  • 28 personalised decorative windows, each displaying a stone-coloured frame, a balcony, a gold steel Cartier monogram railing finished with a red awning in the brand’s colours;
  • Three cornice rows that preserve the building’s façade;
  • More than 400m² of marble-style billboards, bearing a trompe-l’œil resemblance to the boutique;
  • Three animated and lit-up decorative window displays;
  • More than 50 handmade decorative items, including column capitals and bases, emblems, logos and surfaces for brand communication;
  • A row of vintage lights to complete the historical immersion;
  • Four backlit chambers to welcome the brand’s clients at night;
  • The fully-fledged representation of the iconic entrance door to 13 Rue de la Paix;
  • Almost 150 metres or of black-painted wooden frames to embellish the palisade.

Upon completion of the site, the decor will be renovated and fully recycled in compliance with the most exacting sustainability standards.
Isabelle Schlumberger, Executive Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing for JCDecaux France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel, said: “We are extremely proud to partner with Cartier, and of the outstanding work of our teams. Through its efforts to push the limits of urban scenography at the legendary flagship of the world’s largest high-end jewellery Maison, JCDecaux has illustrated its multidisciplinary expertise. The project showcases the Group’s unique ability to enhance cities by supporting brands and elevating their image as they undergo renovations”.
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