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Every month JCDecaux employees vote for their favourite Innovate campaign through our internal social media platform, Bee. The campaign voted best Innovate Campaign for June 2014 was an Augmented Reality campaign from AFA JCDecaux Denmark for the film release of On the Edge (original Danish title Lev Stærkt). The Campaign: On the Edge Augmented Reality bus shelter AFA JCDecaux Denmark has made great creative use of Outdoor advertising and Augmented Reality by running a prank campaign for On the Edge, a Danish movie based around the popular theme of illegal racing. To set up the prank, AFA JCDecaux placed a 2m² digital screen on the interior face of a bus shelter and hid a full HD camera on its exterior face. The camera streamed the live street scene onto the internal face of the bus shelter, so it appeared to people waiting for the bus like they were looking through a glass panel into the street. Check out the video to see their reaction when they saw the actual ad creative: an out of control car hurtling towards them, flipping over and crashing into the bus shelter!   After the shock and to the relief of the startled travellers, two of the main characters from the movie showed up giving out free cinema tickets to watch the movie. Augmented Reality and Outdoor Advertising This Augmented Reality execution is a great example of how clever use of the unique physical aspects of Outdoor advertising can be used to create a perfect match between an advertiser’s product (in this case a film) and AR, resulting in a memorable and truly impactful experience for the consumer. AR, though not a brand new concept, is getting more and more attention as brands are finding ways to create out-of-the-ordinary experiences for consumers. Another fantastic example of optimum use of AR is  Pepsi Unbelievable bus shelter in London, generating extensive social media coverage and over 6 million YouTube views to date. Brands are finding increasingly creative ways to make the most of what Augmented Reality has to offer and raising the bar for special brand experiences by making a memorable impression on a consumer.   More about JCDecaux InnovateJCDecaux Innovate creates bespoke outdoor solutions from concept to on-street reality. Our teams worldwide are dedicated to pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of Out-of-Home advertising by delivering outstanding and truly memorable campaigns. By using JCDecaux Innovate, clients are able to optimise the impact of their campaigns and to maximise the engagement with their targeted audience. This year, we have implemented more than 1,700 Innovate campaigns across 35+ markets within the JCDecaux Group.

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