Every month JCDecaux employees vote for their favourite Innovate campaign through our internal social media platform, Bee.

The campaign voted best Innovate Campaign for July 2014 was an interactive campaign / station domination for HMV in Hong-Kong.

The Campaign.

Last July, HMVideal hosted an innovative “MUSIC REBORN” campaign at the metro exit to promote its new HMVideal concept store which opened in the Central district. Metro passengers were invited to “play” with different instruments placed on several posters, blending the sounds from these installations to make a special improvisation and music.

Five different music instruments were available; the violin, the guitar, the saxophone, the piano and the turntable. Everyone’s impromptu jamming, mixed with the sounds from the crowd, turned the whole area into a never-seen-before “Music Auditorium”. These musical posters were part of a full station domination with beautiful and luxury looking dark vinyl wrapping on floors, walls, pillars and ceilings, immersive people into the “Music Reborn” atmosphere.

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