JCDecaux Innovate creates bespoke outdoor solutions from concept to on-street reality. Our teams worldwide are dedicated to pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of Out-of-Home advertising by delivering outstanding and truly memorable campaigns.

By using JCDecaux Innovate, clients are able to optimise the impact of their campaigns and to maximise the engagement with their targeted audience. This year, we had more than 1,700 Innovate campaigns ran across over 35 markets within the JCDecaux Group.

Every month JCDecaux employees vote for their favourite Innovate campaign through our internal social media platform, Bee. The campaign from JCDecaux Spain for McDonald's was voted best Innovate Campaign of the Month for February 2014.

The Campaign

JCDecaux Innovate, in collaboration with OMD, developed a very original campaign where McDonald's rewarded people´s smile with a free coffee during their “Smilemeter” campaign. Passers-by were invited to smile in front of an interactive screen, and those who smiled for a while got a voucher for a free coffee. This interactive campaign ran in Madrid and near McDonald´s restaurants.

A great example of how a simple smile can brighten your day !