Entertainment has come to the streets, as recent JCDecaux campaigns have demonstrated. A person could become the
next pin-up in a poster, or be cast in a brand new comedy series! To promote their new series called “Happy Endings”, the TV channel Comedy Central and Grey transformed one of WallDecaux’s tram shelters in Berlin into a setting for a live comedy show. Pedestrians and tram passengers un-wittedly became the main characters in this new act. Instead of interacting with dialogue, various thought bubbles appeared above each person in response to what was “spoken” by the other person in the tram stop. These thought bubbles were displayed on 3 specially installed screens at the tram shelter. Content for the conversations was master-minded by a script writer from the series as well as fans of Comedy Central via Facebook where a live feed of the action was shown. Many different scenes took place at the shelter but whatever the situation - flirtatious, playful or dramatic, happy endings were always the order of the day!