Irresistible special offers

The vouchering campaign method is well-established among advertisers as it is a simple, accessible and is effective at promoting products and services, and quickly boosting sales. Research has illustrated a “fear of missing out” kicking in among consumers, where once a person receives a voucher, they are compelled to use it.
However, technological developments within both strategy and delivery, have made vouchering more sophisticated, allowing brands to be more engaging and target more accurately. And although, vouchers are a well-known online marketing tool, OOH offers real-life interaction and therefore, unparalleled brand memorability.

Accelerate the consumer journey

The OOH medium offers brands the opportunity to reach all urban audiences quickly and frequently. The OOH audience is found in the Active Space; people are receptive to new experiences and brand engagement. Campaigns integrating vouchers allow advertisers to add a punch by increasing purchase intention and even re-gain a lost place within consumer’s consideration.

The right way to voucher activation

With experiential OOH campaigns, audiences can interact face-to-face with the brand through their ambassadors creating more personal experiences leading to positive brand perception. It also leaves people more open to sharing their information with the brand in exchange for other exclusive offers.
Automated custom build voucher dispensers allow more automated campaigning, where people can interact independently. Methods ranging from opinionators to facial recognition, create additional intrigue and boost engagement.
Finally, gamification and out-of-the box methods such as custom build arcade games, appeal to our nostalgic side as consumers. The uniqueness of this type of voucher delivery catches people’s attention and increases brand recall.
With a multi-sensory experience, voucher campaigns build a brand-consumer relationship that continues beyond the initial ad encounter. But understanding the wants and needs of the audience is crucial to the success of voucher campaigns. Equally important, the voucher campaign should respect the brand identity, and some product categories suit this campaign method better than others.

To voucher or not to voucher

A balance must be met when developing any marketing strategies that hinge on exclusive deals. As with limited edition items, vouchers work best when they are used sparingly. For example, brands who do not usually offer sales, will make the most of voucher campaigns when they are rolled out very occasionally and punctually.
While some brands such as luxury should not participate as voucher campaigns as they infringe on their exclusive allure, other product categories, such as restaurants are perfectly suited when they offer limited deals. For the retail category, vouchers for exclusive offers effectively take consumers from “I will think about it” to “I will buy it”. And tourism brands are great at turning a voucher campaign into an experience for example competitions promoting new flight routes and seasonal offers.

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