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“2013 marks the moment when digital becomes the industry standard” (PosterscopeDigital is fast becoming mainstream in Out-of-Home advertising, thanks to its ability to provide advertisers with greater flexibility, outstanding dynamism and numerous options for creativity. JCDecaux has been developing large format digital panels across both its outdoor and indoor activities, to help offer customers large-scaled digital experiences…The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway, London UK This 500m stretch of the busiest road in Europe, known for hosting some of the most iconic outdoor advertising campaigns of all time, has undergone a massive refurbishment. Its famous 9 iconic sites have now been upgraded to digital, creating a new, single proposition for clients to invest in this unique “Cromwell Road Digital Gateway”, which reaches an average of 1.6 million commuters every fortnight.
M-Vision, UK These large format digital displays are designed to complement and amplify the reach of the digital 6-sheets installed in shopping malls across the UK. M-vision brings the opportunity to reach millions of shoppers by delivering massive impact along with great flexibility and the ability to run time-sensitive and multiple messaging.
Giant screen, Shanghai Pudong T2, China This newly installed giant suspended screen, first digital landmark of Pudong T2 Airport, measures 9.6m x 3.84m with a total surface of 37m2. Located at the centre point of the domestic boarding hall, the screen delivers maximum impact on captive passengers all the way from the security check escalators to the retail area.
Giant Screen, Paris CDG 2E, France This impressively-designed 39msuspended digital billboard provides an exceptional display area for brands as well as unprecedented visibility, offering passengers a powerful new brand experience at the heart of Paris Airports’ most prestigious terminal.
  E-motion at Waterloo station, London UK In 2013, get ready to experiment a massive change in rail advertising, as JCDecaux UK prepares to launch its new 120m2 E-motion site in Waterloo station in London. After undergoing a major transformation in 2012, Britain’s busiest railway station now offers its commuters 20,000sqf of brand new retail space. By participating in Waterloo station’s giant makeover, JCDecaux shows once again, a large scale ambition to revolutionise the outdoor advertising arena.    

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