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The Sydney Opera House with JCDecaux Innovate Australia has launched an unusual street furniture campaign running across ten sites between the 19th and 25th August 2014. This is the 6th year that The Sydney Opera House is running the Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI). Part of the year-round program Ideas at the House, the festival takes place over one weekend when leading culture figures around the world bring to the stage challenging and contentious ideas. During these thought-provoking discussions the event brings controversial debates to life, allowing the audience to perhaps look at things in a different light. To reflect the offbeat character of the festival theme, the outdoor advertising campaign also uses a non-standard printing communication technique. The panels use day/night printing technology to make the copy look censored during the day and reveal it after dark.
                    Christina Erskine, Acting Marketing Manager, Sydney Opera House Presents, said: “ […]Through a series of tactically chosen JCDecaux sites, FODI has joined forces with JCDecaux’s Innovate team to produce a campaign of hidden ‘dangerous’ statements, which both arouses curiosity and gets people talking.[…] We very pleased to have worked on an out-of-the-box campaign with our media partner JCDecaux.” “The FODI campaign is the perfect fit for our audience” said Essie Wake, Marketing Director, JCDecaux Australia. “It’s thought provoking, intriguing and sure to get people talking. We’re pleased to have been able to work with the Opera House on developing an Innovate execution that really compliments the overall FODI strategy.” This is a great campaign that accurately reflects the message of the advertiser in a simple yet elegant way. Have a look at more examples where an original and uncomplicated idea successfully gets the message across.  

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