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It's hard not to get caught up with the media frenzy surrounding America's most watched sporting and television event. Whether it's Madonna at half time show, the quality of the adverts or even... the big game itself, everyone is talking about the Super Bowl! With the whole world watching, brands invest more time and money into promoting their products than at any other time of the year. Standing out from the competition and running more effective advertisements than in previous years means some of the most creative advertising ideas and executions are produced. Brands look towards the outdoor medium in order to promote their causes and create multi-format campaigns in different ways. Out-of-home, TV and online advertising are all leveraged to differing extents around this event. Read on to discover how creative companies advertised outdoors around Super Bowl 2012 in the US and across the world. 1. Coca-Cola

Outdoor and TV ads support online initiative

Coca-Cola used their signature polar bears across 3 mediums. The outdoor and TV ads generated a buzz around their campaign alerting the public to join the bears online on game day.
During the match, viewers could log onto the website and watch the two bears react live as the game unfolded. A clever move from Coke, as it was predicted that at least half of those viewing at home simultaneously accessed content on a second screen. The bears also engaged with viewers via Coke's Twitter account.

2. M&M's

Outdoor event supports TV spot

A popular marketing tactic for Super Bowl advertising is celebrity endorsement, and to reveal their new character, M&M's called upon Neil Patrick Harris. He unveiled the 20 foot statue outside at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles. This event was soon followed by a 30 second advert during the Super Bowl where fans heard Ms. Brown (Chief Chocolate Officer) speak for the first time.

3. The Lorax

Outdoor and TV ads promote movie

Universal Pictures have created a multi-channel outdoor advertising campaign for their upcoming animation, The Lorax. Before the release of the Super Bowl commercial, several outdoor executions were implemented across America and continue to run in New York.
Here's their Super Bowl commercial: 4. H&M

International outdoor and TV campaign

H&M painted a 150ft image of David Beckham on 34th Street, New York. It took two weeks to complete - just in time for the Super Bowl.
London saw some fantastic outdoor adverts too. Leading up to the product launch, over-sized H&M bags were placed in key locations such as the Tower of London, Covent Garden and Victoria Station in order to generate a buzz.
H&M released their commercial online and across UK television before airing it at the Super Bowl:

5. Bud Light

Official sponsors advertise outdoor

Bud light hung advertising banners across towns and cities across the United States for the Super Bowl.
Their ad spot and outdoor campaign weren't linked:

6. Doritos

Outdoor launches online commercial competition

Each year, Doritos run an online competition known as 'Crash the Super Bowl' where the public is invited to create their own commercials. The contest was launched by last year's winners in Times Square.
Mans Best Friend and Sling Baby both won an ad spot during the game.

7. John Carter

Huge billboards and epic trailer

Disney premiered their new advert for John Carter at the Super Bowl and released an extended version online soon after. In the days leading up to this event, outdoor adverts were used to promote the movie.

8. Madonna

Outdoor, TV, radio & online

To launch her new single and video, Gimme All Your Lovin', Madonna took over 1,600 digital out-of-home screens across the US, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Belgium, Finland and the UK. The song was simultaneously played on various radio stations.
The music video features cheerleaders and American footballers throughout and was released just days ahead her half-time performance.

9. Peta

Outdoor advert supports online initiative

The message is a simple one. According to Peta, 600 million chickens are killed for their wings to be eaten during the Super Bowl weekend. This advert urges people to try alternative recipes that can be found on Peta's website.

10. Honda

Mall digital dual screen advertising

For their Super Bowl commercial, Honda parodied the classic 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day off using original actor Matthew Broderick again. The commercial is seen to be one of the best of the year and 165 malls across the US are now airing it alongside clips from the original.

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