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Findings from JCDecaux UK Airport’s latest research Business Traveller 2 revealed that senior business people not only notice advertising in Airports; the majority also believes that Airports are the most effective place to advertise international B2B brands. The online survey was conducted among elite business frequent flyers (owner/partner/CEO/MD) who have used JCDecaux’s airport concessions. Over 1/3 of them have net worth of over £1m+. Other results showed that this elite group is very active on social media, in using the latest technology gadget and tends to purchase more duty free goods than the average person.

Key Findings

  • The majority of business frequent flyers notice advertising but interestingly, 62% of them notice it in Airports most of the time - the highest in all media environments
  • 60% think Airports are the most effective place to advertise international B2B brands
  • Senior business travellers purchase more than the average person in all duty free categories (watches, jewellery, electronics, clothes, fragrances, beauty and alcohol)
  • About 70% own tablets and 86% use apps. Over 1/3 access business news through links posted on social media websites (eg. Twitter). 71% have LinkedIN accounts, 64% are on Facebook and 39% are on Twitter.
Business Traveller 2 is a follow-up to the Business Traveller study done in 2011. These studies are the first of their kind to be done by an Outdoor media owner. Please contact us for more information or visit JCDecaux UK Airport online.

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