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Following the article on JCDecaux UK and British rail travellers, our team in Australia took a different approach in connecting with and understanding their commuters. In-depth interviews were conducted with frequent train commuters in Flinders Street and Southern Cross, 2 major rail stations in Melbourne. JCDecaux Rail offers advertising opportunities to attract the attention of large numbers of rail travellers passing through these vital gateways. Flinders Street and Southern Cross rail stations not only move substantial numbers of people across the city daily; they are also important meeting points for city dwellers on a night out, as well as music or sports fans on their way to large-scale concerts, festivals and sporting events.
  The profile of a frequent Melbourne rail traveller is young and relatively affluent. Of particular interest were business executives, people who are fashion savvy or who enjoy new cultural experiences. Six commuters - evenly split among these 3 groups - were chosen as respondents in the research.
  Here are some of the key findings from the study: 1.    Out of home advertising is expected and welcomed People welcome advertising at these stations as the ads are seen to enrich the space and offer value in terms of information, entertainment or utility. “Without advertising I think it is like decorating something like a Christmas tree without the baubles” “…it was a big empty shell and it used to feel very dead and sterile but now there is a sense of atmosphere about it and not always just people, there is always great colour and something to catch your eye as well” 2.    Station domination advertisements command attention“…it’s big, it’s imposing on what you’d see normally so makes you look at it but then after it’s the kind of thing which you’re always glance at while you’re passing it so you keep thinking that and you keep looking at it” 3.    Station domination advertisements imbue brands with scale and significance“I think the brands that advertise here are premium brands, well established, doing well, have been around for a while.” “You’d have to be well established under a safe brand, obviously doing well in the market already that you’ve got the ability to advertise on this scale and most likely continue doing well because of it.” 4.    Brands that tailor their creative format and message to this environment maximise the opportunity to communicate and build a relationship with the commuter With the stations as key meeting points on weekdays and weekends, ad messages can be targeted for travellers either in a work mentality or a relaxed social mindset “In the mornings I have just had my coffee and bit more aware and I am usually looking around and trying to keep myself entertained …waiting for trains it is frustratingly boring so anything that can alleviate that boredom is great and any funny ads are great.”“ that’s one good thing about iPhone and especially with QR codes, that’s something that interests me because then it could take you directly to the product or to the website of that product and you can find out more information on that product”   The study demonstrated that rail travellers view advertisements as part of their journeys and are open to messages that are communicated to them. Click here for more on Australia’s offerings.
Methodology: In-depth interviews were conducted by MagnaGlobal.

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