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Music can be enjoyed in many ways, even when sound levels are down to zero! Find out more about these innovative JCDecaux campaigns. Beats in the Streets, USA The Blue Man Group brought beats to the streets by having their signature PVC pipes installed on JCDecaux bus stops in Chicago. Commuters and passers-by were presented with the opportunity to interact with Blue Man’s unique instrument. People are encouraged to hit the pipes in order to create sounds and ignite lighting on the panel. Each sound combination delivers a different light pattern, delivering an exciting and interactive experience. Catch the action here!   (Silent) Beats in Rail Stations, UK Mobile operator O2 celebrated its 4G switch-on by streaming a ‘live’ music gig on JCDecaux’s digital screens in London King’s Cross and Victoria stations. Heads were bobbing away and people were moving to the beats, yet no music can be heard. As a first-of-its-kind campaign in rail stations, passers-by were provided with headphones to enjoy the gig “silently”. People who were not provided with headphones did not miss out on the action - songs can be requested via #O24G on Twitter with buskers on site to satisfy these requests.

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