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Like the summer sun, we are welcoming another eagerly anticipated visitor in the UK – the Art Everywhere project. Now in its second year, this initiative seeks to bring art onto the streets nationwide by working with JCDecaux and other Outdoor companies. The top 25 British works of art as chosen by the public will be announced on Wednesday 16th July. These pieces will then be featured on thousands of billboards across the UK all through summer, transforming the country once again into the largest Outdoor art gallery ever.
  Art Everywhere, USA The immense popularity of the Art Everywhere project has spilled across the Atlantic, launching the first USA edition this year. Five leading art museums selected pieces of American art that represent the country’s history and culture. The American public has since voted for their favourites and are just waiting for the final 58 works to feature in the ‘very very big art show’ this summer!  Art Everywhere, Round the World For the art enthusiasts among us, click below for our ‘Art Outdoor’ series last year where there’s plenty of art to feast your eyes!
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