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Fashion brands can rely on the power of OOH to build brand fame with the use of striking imagery in exclusive locations around the world.

Bold, impactful  and iconic

One of the advantages of outdoor advertising is its scale and opportunity to make impactful statements. Displays become like canvases on which pieces of art can be created, effortlessly showing high-quality imagery that is essential in fashion campaigns: it not only conveys an idea of exclusivity but it also allows to show the superior quality of the garments' details. 

Luxury fashion brands have long associated themselves with iconic, glamorous places that almost become part of the brand itself – think of the association between Armani and Milan, Burberry and London, Tiffany and New York. 
Being such a versatile medium, OOH offers a wide range of advertising opportunities within the most iconic spots in these cities, reinforcing the fruitful association.  

The enhanced aura of glamour benefit both the brand and the city itself. These destinations become brand-cathedrals, huge luxury retail hubs, a natural backdrop for exclusive brands - and the most effective and sought-after OOH spots.  
Prada, Paris - Galeries Lafayette
Prada, Paris - Galeries Lafayette  
 Here are a few of our favourite OOH fashion campaigns showcasing innovation, creativity and uniqueness. 

Armani’s iconic love letter to Milan 

Milan has always been Armani’s muse: both the city and brand share a distinctive, unique appeal while maintaining an international essence.  

During Milan Fashion Week 2018, Armani cleverly used this association for a city-wide OOH campaign ending with its fashion show being held at Milan Linate Airport, one of the city’s major airports and easily accessible from the city centre.  

The integrated campaign used iconic OOH locations and transport wraps to accompany travellers through one of the world’s most important fashion capitals to a fashion show at the airport, showcasing the brand’s global appeal. The brand was able to create a unique experience by blurring the lines between travel and fashion.

Ever-innovative and young at heart: Lacoste celebrates 85 years with Virtual Reality games 

Lacoste celebrated its 85-year anniversary with a virtual reality pop-up exhibition at Hong Kong International Airport. Branded merchandise, art pieces, archive videos, tennis equipment and new products – including the Capsule collection created for the occasion were featured in the exhibition.  

Travellers were drawn to the virtual reality games played wearing a VR headset, immersing players into the designer’s atelier, where they had to virtually perform some sports-related tasks to design a model of the iconic Polo t-shirt. Through a relay screen, passers-by could see the game being played live and engage with the games.  

The pre-flight entertainment was the perfect combination of sports and French elegance – the very essence of the Lacoste brand. 

Coach sets HKIA passengers up for a surprise gift to celebrate the brand’s anniversary

Coach transformed the Arrivals Greeting Hall at Hong Kong International Airport into a dazzling wardrobe with its 1941 collection - the featured product line that commemorated the brand's 75th anniversary. Customers set off on a glamorous fashion journey once they stepped off the aircraft with spectacular advertisements spanning the arrival concourses, baggage reclaim area, and greeting hall.

Utilising Beacon technology, travellers were able to participate in the photo-sharing campaign by snapping a picture, shaking their mobile and entering for a chance to win a signature Coach handbag.

Brand and consumer communication have never been easier with the synergy between OOH and mobile.

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