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The efficiency of an OOH advertising campaign is often a result of its originality. Sometimes what seems to be a very simple campaign is actually the result of an original and well executed idea. Using OOH in its “simplest apparel” can bring great results. IBM is a great example of this, winning the Cannes Lions Outdoor Grand Prix in the process. The brand used the OOH medium in its most traditional form and by applying some original thought, made it into smart furniture offering numerous solutions to city dwellers in their everyday lives. Read all about it here.
  In another example, Corona in New York City used the moon to advertise its famous beverage. A standard billboard was placed on the exact trajectory of the moon as it descended in the night sky. Thanks to this strategic positioning, New Yorkers were able to see the moon placed exactly on the tip of the bottle for a few minutes, resembling the slice of lemon which characterises the drink. JCDecaux also works with its clients to translate original ideas into simple looking campaigns with high impact results.   Virgin Superfast Broadband Installation campaign, UK In a recent example, Virgin UK’s tactical Outdoor advertising campaign with JCDecaux Innovate used JCDecaux’s new Print IQ technology to alert consumers to the brand’s superfast broadband installation services available in the local area. In a media first 1,700 creatives were personalised to feature the precise street name where they were posted, bringing localised messaging to consumers nationwide.
"Superfast Installation - Now available at Tottenham Court Road"
"Superfast Installation - Now available at Piccadilly"   McDonald’s “Smurfs 2” Happy Meal campaign, Amsterdam McDonald’s promoted its new “Smurfs 2” Happy Meal deal, by placing a Smurf-sized JCDecaux billboard in a key location in Amsterdam. Because the billboard was very small, McDonald’s used a life-size billboard displaying a giant arrow to point towards it. The campaign attracted many curious eyes and people ended up jumping the fence to have a closer look at the tiny billboard.
    Google Voice campaign, UK Finally, Google has proven how efficient OOH is, by keeping it very simple. In a solus OOH campaign, the brand created dynamic content to drive interest in Google Voice. By displaying words or phrases in phonetic format the brand successfully caught people’s attention, as they tried to mouth the words that were displayed. This simple campaign was so successful that Google won the 2012 Cannes Lions Grand Prix award in the Media category and experienced a significant uplift of internet research on Google Voice.