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Route, the audience research body for OOH advertising in Great Britain, has launched an evolved measurement system which offers spot level audience measurement at 15-minute levels for ads played out on each and any poster or screen.
This development will mean more scope for advertisers to plan effective and efficient campaigns and ensures the measurement system is fit for purpose within an increasingly digital world.
As the industry moves towards automation and programmatic buying, Route’s new measurement system is at the forefront, and a real step forwards for digital OOH. The system improves the capability to deliver granular data and greater precision for audience-based planning and trading. The developments will ultimately drive effectiveness and efficiency as OOH continues evolving and optimising towards an increasingly digital future.
New world-leading Multi-Sensor-Tracking devices
The updated Route currency provides greater detail on travel habits than ever before, tracking movement outside, inside, above ground or underground, and better reflects the true number of ads which people will actually see through Multi-Sensor-Tracking (MST) devices.

Spot the difference
Previously, digital audiences were measured by the share of time that an ad was on a screen. This did not consider the fact that different ad durations would affect the number of times an ad is broadcast and the number of impacts that it can generate. This has now changed with the introduction of spot measurement.
The introduction of spot level ratings increases the resolution of Route’s audience provision for advertisers.

One step beyond – measuring who actually sees the ads
Route’s measurement provision is unique. Rather than reporting audiences with an opportunity to see advertising as in other media, Route goes a step further by quantifying those who actually see them. This is informed by visual attention research.

The newly evolved currency is backed by both the IPA and ISBA.

Read the full press release here.

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