Consumers today are increasingly connected and media-savvy. Armed with smartphones, they have gone beyond simply searching for product information to expecting engaging interactions and experiences from brands. Over the last couple of years, retailers have been experimenting with a mix of traditional and digital advertising channels at the point-of-sale (PoS). Brands such as eBay, Burberry and Nike have used touchscreens, digital showrooms and interactive shopping kiosks to give shoppers a better idea of what an item looks like, improve customer service or simply to interact with them.Finland: Content at Point-of-SaleShopping centres offer the opportunity to reach an affluent audience. The use of digital media in malls enables brands to provide localised and pertinent content to this audience. Relevant content is key to increasing engagement and driving shoppers towards the nearest PoS. JCDecaux is present in 17 malls across Finland, most of which are in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. The Digimalls screens are in a unique position to influence consumers’ shopping behaviour on their paths to purchase.
Digimalls, FinlandFrance: 'Live' ContentSituated in the heart of Paris, this new shopping centre with its spectacular architecture and digital panels provide brands with a unique opportunity to communicate in a premium media environment. The flexibility to run time-sensitive messages enables information to be delivered in a dynamic way. During the promotion of the newly-released film « Casse-Tête chinois »,  shoppers were provided with real-time details of the next available showing and a 'live' countdown one hour before the start of the movie.
Beaugrenelle Mall, France  UK: Reinforcing ContentDigital displays offer great visibility and stand-out in crowded and busy environments. JCDecaux's digital small format panels (D6's) create richer and more memorable brand experiences for the affluent mall audience by using technologies such as augmented reality, NFC/QR codes and interactive touch-screens.

Digital Interactivity in UK Shopping Malls

One example of such interactivity was Benadryl which ran a digital campaign across UK malls, train stations and roadside panels. The campaign promoted Benadryl’s hay fever remedy as well as its 'Social Pollen Count' app which provided live pollen information alongside social activity from fellow sufferers.

Benadryl, UK Shopping Malls

JCDecaux’s digital presence in UK shopping centres is growing. Designed to complement and amplify the reach of the D6's, a larger digital format called M-Vision was launched in 2013. M-Vision reaches millions of shoppers by delivering impact along with the ability to run time-sensitive and multiple messaging, providing a prime positioning for premium brands.

 M-Vision, UK Shopping Malls

Singapore: Dynamic ContentLocated at the heart of Orchard Road and with a monthly average of four million shoppers, ION is consistently listed among the top three premium shopping malls to provide the Best Shopping Experience. The landmark mall attracts a steady stream of high income earners and lifestyle-conscious consumers. The ION Digital Dragon’s Tail is a highly popular and prominent advertisement site within the mall and offers one of the longest dwell time spanning two levels of escalators. Equipped with audio-enabled digital screens and unique LED lighting, this dynamic platform has enabled brands such as Burberry, Evian and Singapore Airlines to interact with their target consumers in an engaging and creative manner.

 ION Orchard Mall, Singapore

Shopping centres are excellent environments where JCDecaux digital advertising offer unprecedented access to the most aspirational and image conscious audience via a network of full-motion digital screens in malls round the world.