Remember the #everyWhereUR campaign that was run by the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America in anticipation of the 10th Annual Advertising Week in New York September 23-27? The OAAA along with Out-of-Home media companies launched a national campaign with the aim of highlighting the effectiveness of OOH advertising and its influential relationship with social media. The campaign, which was running on more than 2,500 billboards across the USA, offered an opportunity for Americans everywhere to have photos of themselves displayed on a digital billboard in Times Square by tweeting these photos with the hashtag #EveryWhereUR. Newly released results of this two-week campaign are again proof that OOH works with Social Media and that this combination is a valuable solution for clients’ communication:
  • Over 450 tweets were sent using the hashtag #everywhereUR
  • Nearly 200 photos were posted in Times Square, and keepsake photos were tweeted back to users;
  • The #everywhereUR campaign made a total of 436,672 Twitter impressions over the two weeks (Source: Hashtracking*)
The trend of Outdoor campaigns including the use of Social Media is gaining momentum at a fast pace and is definitely one to follow closely. Click here for more examples of trending campaigns and contact us for more information on the various possibilities for your communication.*a service that allows tracking the use of hashtags and provides analytics