JCDecaux’s cutting-edge internal media sharing tool, Bee, made a considerable impression during Cegos’ Organised Collaborative Enterprise Awards, held on November 19 2012. The Collaborative Enterprise Award recognises the most inspiring projects for communities and communication within a company.  The panel was very impressed by the highly innovative and forward-leading Bee platform and the strong level of adoption and involvement which it has enjoyed  within JCDecaux’s teams all around the world. Bee was created to enhance the share of information and knowledge across all JCDecaux countries and professions, in order to provide quicker and richer content to the sales teams, clients and partners. It is a network of international expertise, which offers its users infinite resources and rapid rates of responses to queries and posts. The platform was also rewarded for its avant-garde promotional campaign, which combined viral content such as videos and cards which were sent out to all branches around the world and which proved to be very successful in convincing all teams that Bee is an essential tool and the way forward. Bee now brings together 3,000 members across 42 countries and is constantly evolving.   Discover one of the 3 viral videos that were used to promote Bee to the JCDecaux teams: "The Bike". http://youtu.be/3Q0dCMx0zFk   Discover the 2 other videos: "The Rocket" and "The Wrestler"