JCDecaux UK will be celebrating the World Communication Design Day, by dedicating its most iconic London display, the Cromwell Road Digital Gateway, to demonstrate its commitment to working with new and innovative design talents and encourage creativity. Over the course of the weekend 27-28th April and on Monday 29th April, JCDecaux will be showcasing 50 posters by 50 new designers from the 5 continents. Thanks to its exceptional location, this showcase will reach a global audience travelling between central London and Heathrow Airport.
As a celebration of design and outdoor, each piece of creative will receive multiple screenings across the nine digital screens during the weekend showcase. Run in partnership with Icograda, the International Council of Communication Design, the showcase will feature designers from the UK, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Mexico, Germany and Russia. The 50 pieces will reflect the 50th anniversary of Icograda and aim to demonstrate the flexibility of digital outdoor. The creations will all be based around the theme ‘1Love1Word’.Follow the event on Twitter, at #creativecromwell and on JCDecaux UK's website, at http://www.jcdecaux.co.uk/roadside/cromwell-road-live-stream