Screens with a temperature sensor that display a creative according to the weather are a perfect way to have a pertinent communication targeting a key audience. Earlier this year, JCDecaux France and La Redoute conducted an Innovate campaign on digital screens in Angers that took place during the winter sales period. The advertising display changed according to the weather, thanks to a technology that allows the panel to capture changes in the weather by taking into account various factors such as sunlight, temperature, precipitation or wind. This was a great way to suggest to potential consumers appropriate clothing for every type of climate by showing them a wide range of La Redoute products.In the UK, Audi and JCDecaux took the initiative as UK temperatures fell to almost freezing to deliver a thermally sensitive out-of-home campaign that promoted their Quattro four-wheel drive model, using the strapline: ‘When winter grips, you need quattro.’ This campaign was activated only when the mercury across the UK fell below 2 degrees. Other thermally sensitive campaigns include a campaign for Innocent beverage “This Water” that had their creative displayed only on sunny days, or for Dyson Air Multiplier that was advertised only when temperatures exceeded 24°C.