JCDecaux Netherlands celebrates 10 successful years of Innovate campaigns by sharing highlights of past campaigns on Twitter every day for 10 weeks. Follow them @JCDecauxNL #10jaarinnovate for your daily dose of the most spectacular, innovative and inspirational ideas! Here are some of our recent favourites, what about you?1. Samsung Galaxy Mega, 2013Samsung vividly conveyed the Mega size of their new Galaxy phone by creating special-builds on bus shelters in Amsterdam and The Hague. Size certainly matters!
 2. McDonald’s, 2013McDonald’s campaign was also about size. A “smurf-sized” billboard was cleverly designed to promote its new Smurfs 2 Happy Meal Deal. Since the audience is likely to be humans, a life-sized billboard was used to point towards its mini counterpart, creating a lot of curiosity and laughter in the process.
McDonald's, JCDecaux OmanMcDonald's, Oman
 3. Bladenweek, 2011Every year, Bladenweek is held to promote magazines. In 2011, Bladenweek created a lot of attention by demonstrating how magazines can be read anywhere– in bed, at the hairdresser’s and of course, in the toilet!