JCDecaux celebrated Easter 2013 with a series of exciting Eggventures round the world. We spotted the familiar Easter bunny becoming a culprit rather than a bringer of chocolate eggs.... Read on to discover Eggventures ranging from the mysterious to the simply sense-sational!  Gesund Brunnen Centre, GermanyIn Berlin, a heinous crime was solved by a little girl grabbing a bunny by its ears and exclaiming "He's it! He has hidden everything!" (in the shopping mall). Gesund Brunnen Centre ran its campaign over 1 week, reminding passers-by to retrieve their Easter eggs or other "lost" presents in the shopping mall.
Gesund Brunnen Centre, JCDecaux Germany, Berlin
 Brisbane Economic Board, AustraliaDiscover Eggventures in the City! Brisbane Economic Board wanted to attract families into the city by using Out-of-Home advertising to showcase family-friendly activities in a local mall. The campaign ran for 2 weeks.
Brisbane Economic Board, JCDecaux Australia, Brisbane
 Donaghmede and Scotch Hall shopping centres, IrelandIreland had a similar idea with its tale of 2 shopping malls. Both Donaghmede and Scotch Hall shopping centres put on family-oriented entertainment for shoppers to celebrate Easter in their malls. Two-week campaigns were used in Dublin and Drogheda respectively to promote their Easter celebrations.
Drogheda shopping centre, JCDecaux Ireland, Dublin
Drogheda shopping centre, JCDecaux Ireland, Dublin
 Woolworths, SydneyHappy Feaster from Woolsworths! The supermarket sought to entice people into their stores with their freshly baked hot cross buns. A 1-week scent campaign was conducted, diffusing the irresistible mouth-watering smell of hot cross buns to passer-bys. The campaign created a buzz on Facebook, generating over 1,400 views in the month of March alone. SAB Miller, BratislavaAnd finally, Easter is not complete without a call to the traditional: SAB Miller launched a 2-week campaign featuring its brand Pilsner Urquell in Bratislava and Kosice, inviting everyone to celebrate Easter with the tagline "Whoever honours tradition will be rewarded".
SAB Miller, JCDecayx Slovakia, Bratislava