Creativity in OOH

Creativity in Out-of-Home (OOH) does not always require complex projects, big budgets or even intricate digital or mobile integration. Creativity in OOH stands out when campaigns play on the physical nature of the medium and its formats and factor this into campaign creation.

unique execution delivers stand-out messaging

Unlike any other medium, OOH has a unique advantage – that of being able to offer real life presence and interaction. The medium allows brands to place themselves in front of their consumers, to be unmissable and build a dialogue. Creative campaigns stand out when they do more than modifying the ad format from digital or press to an OOH. Creative teams who seamlessly integrate the physical presence and formats of the medium into their message delivery, create the most memorable and effective OOH campaigns.

Creative campaigns that get literal

In this post, we wanted to focus on the creative yet simple OOH campaigns that did not require complex executions or generous budgets. Instead, these campaigns played with different OOH formats and sizes, often in a literal way. These ads broke people out of their routine journeys with clever and entertaining messaging. By delighting the passers-by, they created brand fame and increased brand recall. We are impressed with how these creative ads stood out by showing personality, awareness and understanding of the OOH format.


Creative Solutions is an international division of JCDecaux that brings innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) concepts to on-street reality. Creative Solutions campaigns grab attention and build a dialogue with target audiences.
Whether special builds or Dynamic Content, dedicated teams around the world use the latest technologies to optimise campaigns across all OOH environments.

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