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Comptoir des Cotonniers took a step forward in mobile commerce on the 28th of May. Comptoir des Cotonniers, who are part of one of the fastest growing retail groups Fast Retailing, worked in collaboration with JCDecaux and PowaTag to launch their latest innovative out-of-home mobile commerce campaign, describing it as "a new customer experience that is going to revolutionise the retail industry and our customers’ lifestyle".

    Working together with JCDecaux, SFR, Uber and the advertising agency Marcel, the iconic fashion brand brought overnight 10,000 virtual boutiques to the streets of Paris. The boutiques were in fact outdoor panels with posters optimised for the mobile retail app PowaTag. Shoppers could make instant purchases of the Comptoir des Cotonniers items advertised on posters by scanning PowaTags and have their purchases delivered to them within 48 hours.     PowaTag is made up of PowaTag Transact and PowaTag Beacon, which offer three mobile commerce opportunities. It can:
  1. Scan a visual PowaTags - visual tags similar to QR codes
  2. Recognise AudioTags - sound watermarks, which can be embedded in TV, radio, any sound broadcast where scanning a visual tag may be inconvenient
  3. Recognise Beacon signals to communicate with the consumer for example via information or location-based promotions
Comptoir des Cotonniers has taken a pioneering step for retail, where the store comes to the consumer. Ultimately, advertisers will not only increase awareness and build brand loyalty through out-of-home presence but they can now offer a convenient, time-saving point of sale through m-commerce and even redirect newly motivated consumer to their stores.  
A Comptoir des Cotonniers poster with PowaTags

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