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Eco-friendly mobility is an on-going global challenge. As everyone tries to decrease their energy consumption, one very conventional transport system has been making its come-back in urban areas around the world: the bicycle. JCDecaux, pioneer of the self-service bicycle hire, has recently celebrated its 300 millionth rental. This unique service has gone a long way since it was first launched in Vienna, in 2003. Over the last 10 years, 66 cities from 10 different European and Asia-Pacific countries have chosen JCDecaux to develop their own self-service bicycle systems. Today, JCDecaux counts over 46,500 bicycles in the world used by nearly 550,000 subscribers.
By making the services simple to use and easy to access, JCDecaux has triggered great enthusiasm among urban populations: an average of 2 bicycles were rented every second in 2012, representing a +7% increase in average rentals vs. 2011.
This very successful initiative has inspired many countries around the globe to adopt the concept. The service is now spreading fast in North and South America, with 23 active bike sharing systems in the USA alone. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Chile have also started engaging in the development of their own programs in the past two years. Today, Bike sharing systems altogether, provide more than 236,000 bicycles around the world(Source: Berkeley University’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center’s last estimates).

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