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Sharing a Coke with JCDecaux

JCDecaux has a long history of collaboration with Coca-Cola on a global scale. The past few years have seen the implementation of an impressive number of Innovate campaigns, creating interaction and engagement with consumers and bringing Coca-Cola happiness around the world. One of Coca-Cola’s latest strategies is focussed on “Share a Coke”, a series of campaigns centred on the connections people have with their family and friends.  JCDecaux has been instrumental in bringing many innovative executions of this campaign to the streets of the world. Below are campaigns from Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania and the UK, which demonstrate how the same concept can be communicated in many different and original ways.

Share a Coke in Ireland

Coca-Cola and JCDecaux Ireland created a fully branded tram in Dublin. All the seats had red covers on them, each cover being embroidered with a popular name, bringing a personal touch to the commuter’s journeys. The interior was also covered with domination stickers and posters; from panels, strap-lines and window strips to complete ceiling branding. This campaign generated a lot of positive feedback and was rated a great success by Coca-Cola and their media agency MediaCom. It also reinforced the undisputed efficacy of full branding in OOH transit advertising.
Coca-Cola Share a Coke, JCDecaux Ireland,, transport domination

Share a Coke in Austria

Coca-Cola and Gewista transformed a nationwide network of large format scrolling panels into special builds which encouraged the public to Share a Coke. The special builds consisted of a large coke bottle with a window over the position where you would expect to see the Coke name. The scrolling of the panel allowed people’s names to be revealed in the window. Out of the 40 scrolling Innovate sites, 5 were equipped with oversized Coca-Cola bottles and an external light source to make the Innovate execution visible during the night. A great example of a simple execution fitting perfectly with the brand’s strategy.

Share a Coke in the Netherlands

JCDecaux Netherlands equipped ten 2m² CityLight panels located in key urban hotspots with 65inch digital screens. These screens randomly displayed names popular in the Netherlands.  This gave the effect of personalising a Coke bottle. Uncomplicated and terribly effective!

Share a Coke in Lithuania

JCDecaux Lithuania installed a physical keyboard on their 2m² street furniture in Vilnius so that passers-by could enter their own name and see it displayed on a Coke bottle on the panel. People could then share a picture of it on Coca-Cola’s website and Facebook page.
Coca-Cola Share a Coke, JCDecaux Lithuania, digital bus shelter

Share a Coke in the UK

Coca-Cola is currently running a retail campaign where over 1,000 of the most popular British names are displayed on bottles of Coke, with the name replacing the Coke name. The retail campaign was combined with a 4-day 'Party Pod' Outdoor Share a Coke domination campaign in London’s Covent Garden during the last week of July 2014.  After getting a bottle of Coke or Coke Zero personalised with their name or the name of a loved one, passers-by were invited to drop into a special Share a Coke selfie kiosk.  Here they could capture a picture of themselves along with their personalised bottle. Afterwards people could listen to music and Share a Coke with friends in the rooftop party pod, set up especially for the campaign.
Coca-Cola Share a Coke, JCDecaux Live UK, experiential

Share a Coke in the USA

Coinciding with the 'Party Pod' campaign in London, and adding to the Share a Coke campaigns, Coca-Cola and JCDecaux North America built large 3D Coke bottles on Chicago bus shelters. Touchscreens allowed pedestrians to input their name, which then was displayed on the giant bottle. Their name was displayed for a short period of time allowing people to take pictures on themselves with their very own personalised giant Coke bottle. In addition, Coke also captured its famed bubbly beverage in the form of a “bubble wall,” plexiglass boxes with air ducts, “pucks” and LED lighting. The resulting swirling lighting effect achieved a captivating glow at night time. The entire campaign gave tourists and locals alike yet another memorable way to really connect with this ever popular drink. To-date, this campaign has generated over 23,000 activations from its three locations.
Coca-Cola Share a Coke, JCDecaux USA, Digital bus shelter
Across the years, Coca-Cola and JCDecaux Innovate have developed outstanding and truly memorable campaigns using a variety of technologies ranging from Special Builds to Interactive Screens.  Have a look at some of the videos on our JCDecaux YouTube channel.

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